Welcome to the Huntingdonshire Business Network

Whether you are an established business, a startup or even if you are just contemplating setting up in business, The Huntingdonshire Business Network has a lot to offer you.

Meet like minded people in a relaxing environment

We don't believe in formalised 60 second pitches or business card exchanges. Instead, our members actually talk to each other about the things that matter to them: How to get more business, how to get something unfamiliar done or how to work through a business challenge.

Learn skills that will be of use to you in your business

Our members are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with other members and visitors alike. Round the table discussions, seminars, brainstorming sessions and one-to-one support are just some of the ways in which members learn, develop and hone business skills. Often a member will know another business owner who will have the answer you need for the problem that is facing you. 

Get mutual support

We all know that being in business can be stressful and even lonely; particularly if you are in business on your own. Many of our members run micro and small businesses. The weekly Friday meeting is often the only time they spend out of the business; it's a great time to get some perspective and an alternate point of view.

It's not for nothing that we are known as the friendly network.

Give it a try, you won't regret it

HBN is a member driven organisation. We have an elected chairperson, secretary, treasurer and committee that exists to deliver the kind of network that the members require.

We always welcome visitors to our meetings. So why not come along this Friday and find out more.