Musical Chairs at HBN!

Why is Richard Wishart (Delivery Management) walking on water? He's Free! Richard stepped down as Chair of HBN after two years marked by innovations such as additional meetings in Alconbury, linking with HiTech businesses in Huntingdonshire and holding events at CAW and Huntingdonshire Regional College. Richard also continued HBN's attendance at the annual Wood Green Business Fair, maintaining our philosophy of openness and collaborating with other local business networks. Richard also ensured that social media were an integrated part of HBN.  

Richard's freedom from the Chair was gained by persuading Luana Mattey (Get Online, Get Found, Get Clients!) to step into the role, abetted by the rest of the committee. Since joining HBN, Luana has distinguished herself by her dynamism and organising the highly successful "Three Ways to Boost Your Business" in November 2015. Luana has now settled into her role and instigated a program for 2016 which she will describe in a following post. Luana is ably assisted by Nick Smith (EAM Consulting) as a Deputy Chair.

I'm pleased to say that one HBN tradition

begun in Richard's time as chair is continuing with Luana. Martin Straus had introduced us to the newly opened Tea Room at the Falcon in Huntingdon, just off the main square. HBNers can often be found there after the regular Friday HBN meetings, enjoying the excellent tea/coffee and cakes.

Article by Chris Thomas, any opinions expressed are his own!

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