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Who do we buy from in this hypercompetitive world? What makes us choose one business over another? It’s often the person we have got to know and trust. Yet in our business networking meetings or social chats over a cup of tea/coffee afterwards, we often miss those other, unexpected qualities and skills that our friends and colleagues have. In celebration of HBN’s almost 25 years of existence, we are inviting HBN members to tell us some of their unique personal long, short or tall stories. We are going to collate them in a book that will combine fascinating insights with a unique marketing tool. This opportunity is limited to HBN members.


Both Luana and I had been nurturing the book idea independently from each other. My perspective was that of the fascinating personal stories: Ranging from running schools in Africa, via involvement in the stock exchange, radio hams, supplying offshore oil rigs, the 2012 Olympics, to genetic engineering. Luana’s perspective was as an additional marketing tool that would showcase existing knowledge, skills and experience. We have such a diversity within HBN, we would like to make this a unique offer to HBN members.

7 Benefits of submitting your long, short or tall tales

As ever, we had a lively debate at our Friday HBN meetings on opportunities and benefits. Some of the ideas are summarized below:

1. Your business card Plus

Whether at a first meeting or at the end of a successful piece of work, we want our clients to remember us and be our ambassadors. A physical book that features interesting human stories that the recipient can relate to is more likely to be retained than a business card alone. It also gives you more scope to add offers or useful information. An online digital version can expand your audience range too.

2. Your referral network

There will be entries from a cross section of HBNers. The person you gift the book to may find some of their skills and offers useful too. Conversely, when your fellow HBNers gift their copies of the book , you will feature in their circle of clients and business.

3. Links to your online presence and content

All of us have a website. We often have additional material in the form of offers, helpful information, articles, blogs, social media and perhaps even video and audio. A modern book can provide links to these, expanding your presence to the digital world. Links also let you measure their use.

4. Content for your news and social media

Your online and social media contacts are becoming more selective in what they will read. Adverts are now easily overlooked. But as humans, we have a constant curiosity in people stories. Your content in the book can itself be used in full as a blog. Parts of it might also be useful as tweets or Facebook entries.

5. Help with your text

Wondering what to write about? We have a range of topics and questions listed in a handy Word template which you can download here One of these is sure to trigger a reminiscence, anecdote or unusual story that is unique to you.

Don’t worry about spelling and grammar, just tell your story as it flows. We’ll polish it for you and let you check the end result for final approval.

Can’t write, find it easier to tell the story to an audience or an interviewer? We can do a recording at one of our HBN Friday events. There will be an extra charge to transcribe the text, however, you could gain an audio file to use on your social media and website pages!

6. Your new profile picture

Many of you are already have resplendent profile picture that could be used with your tale. If you want a new profile picture for your website or social media, we will organise an extra networking session with the opportunity to have a professional profile picture taken.

7. You will be a published author!

The final book, with your chapter, will be given an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). It will therefore appear in the registers of published books by book distributors, including Amazon. Six copies of the book will be sent to the British Library and the Legal Deposit Libraries in the UK, to be archivally stored for posterity. Chris, Jane and Luana will be the collating editors for HBN and Milton Contact Ltd will be the publisher. But You are the Author of your chapter.


We look forward to receiving your long, short or tall tales from your past to create content. Chris will swoon at the historical and social insights it will give from some of our HBNers. Luana will enthuse about the opportunities it creates for increasing YOUR business profile through novel and interesting content. You will have some if not all of the seven benefits of being part of the long, short and practical tales from Huntingdonshire businesses by HBNers.

Call to Action

Download the book template now from and be a part of the long, short and practical tales from Huntingdonshire businesses by HBNers.

If you are not a paid up member of HBN, join now to take advantage of this unique opportunity! Contact Luana Mattey, HBN Chairperson,

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