Before you come along to one of our Friday afternoon networking meetings, here is an opportunity for you to find out a little bit more about the people behind HBN. The values of HBN are reflected in the members that support it. Outlined below is a profile of our membership to help you judge for yourself what kind of people you’ll meet as a HBN member.

Membership Business Categories

With over 40 members, there are a wide variety of businesses involved in HBN including Legal, Finance, Business Services, Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution sectors. HBN does not have an exclusive membership meaning that you will more than likely find businesses that offer similar products, services or therapy to you. No matter what sector each business belongs to, you will find that all members are willing to help and encourage the growth of your business. With a little effort on your side, you will find positive benefits in building collaborative associations with any member of HBN.

The Members

Most members operate small businesses in the Huntingdonshire area and have 1-5 members of staff. The active members are professional business people who will either be the business owner or perhaps upper management of a large organisation. Most businesses will have been in operation between 1 and 5 years, but there are a respectable number of successful business that are over 10 years old. With this calibre of membership, the wealth of business experience is abundant and willingly on offer for you to share.

What you might expect on a Friday meeting

The meeting hall can be laid out formally or informally. You can assume that not all members will attend every meeting. The regular attending members will generally be well connected, helpful and eager to see you make a success of your business. As the HBN is run by a committee of members for the members, you will probably meet several of the committee members who will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding HBN.